Thursday, July 05, 2007

we feel fine

Is there something going around at the moment? A bit of a loneliness bug? A general depression over the northern hemisphere? It´s meant to be summer guys, come on! So why have I had multiple independent hits on this site in the last few days all looking for ways to cure homesickness?

Just in case some make it back here again the quick answer is: you can´t. Can´t cure homesickness. Just sit it through. Watch a movie. Have a beer. Socialize.

Actually, I lie. Just a little. The only way to cure it is to accept where you are now as home. Once you´ve done that, homesickness gets a whole lot better. Really.

But it´s always good to have a few beers on hand. In case I drop by. You never know, and you wouldn´t want to be caught short. That can be embarrassing..

Another hit which I found really very cool was from this site: wefeelfine. It harvests blogs for the phrases "I feel" or "I am feeling". There´s an applet showing dots for all the sites which have phrases. You can even search for, ummm lets say a female in Berlin, Germany in her 30s who´s feeling apprehensive while it´s raining in 2006. Just as an idea. Fun and fascinating.

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