Friday, August 17, 2007

gimme that ol´time-a radio

Today I started listening to the Case Closed! old time radio podcast and I am smitten. Original radio shows of the 1940´s, complete with stereotyped detectives called Blacky or Marlowe being overwhelmingly condescending and sexist to their secretaries/fiancees with "Go and pretty yourself up, doll. You got no business here with the men.". It has lines like "just an ordinary bat, but with the dark stains *PAUSE* of BLOOD" *Big Music Sting*. Beautifully overloud fake footsteps going up the stairs, doors slamming, women screaming in the background.

Growing up my biggest dream was to be the voice of a cartoon character. I think I´d change that if I could be in one of these radio plays.

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