Friday, August 03, 2007

a little competition never hurts

Occassional commenter Jan arrived last night. For those who may be a bit confused it´s Jan in the german way, meaning he´s a guy and it´s pronounced a bit like yarn.

Cute isn´t he? And single. Not that I´m pimping him or anything.

As seems to happen when a couple of guys get together, especially ones that are somehow related, the evening resulted in a let´s-see-how-many-chinups-we-can-do competition and a discussion of the finer points of chinup technique. This included (but wasn´t restricted to) hand grip, arm extension and bar height. The last point is of particular importance to two guys that aren´t pushing the upper limit in human height.

Today we all head down to Leipzig for a family reunion weekend. Unlike the last big reunion, this one will probably be a little lighter on the history stuff and a little heavier on the skinny dipping stuff. At least, so I´ve been warned.

However, I have no doubt that the whole event, nudity included, will be as equally well organised as the last one.

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