Monday, August 27, 2007

yes, still alive

Sorry for the unexpected cease in broadcasting, but rest assured we are all well and no one suffered any lingering side affects from the pigs. To answer Bugsy, there´s definately been a huge increase in numbers this year and our current theory is that the mild winter killed off fewer than it normally would have and that hunting is down (based on the fact we´ve seen less people with big cars in the forest in the last 6 months).

And for Vailian, the best brunch place in existence is cafe Istoria on Kollwitzplatz (U2, between Senefelderplatz and Eberswalder str)in Prenzlauerberg. Belluno´s next door is also pretty good. Cafe November up the road does waffles, although the spread isn´t as big and it lacks a lot of the hot food. Otherwise, try Morgenland in Kreuzberg (U1, Görlitzerbahnhof). All cost about 8€ for the buffet which is open until 4pm (Sat and Sun), drinks extra.

Wow, do I sound like a guidebook.


vailian said...

I thought it might be that one, or one of the others that dot the Kollwitzstrasse! Great place to have breakfast.

Robert said...

Have you tried the buffet brunch that the "Zitron" (Graefestr. corner with Koerthestr.) offers on weekends?

Jan said...

Yes, you sound like a guide book. That reminds me that I wanted to ask you a question. A friend here in Reading asked me recently if whether I could recommend him a decent but not too expensive hotel in Berlin. He is about 30 years old and wants to embark on a sightseeing trip to Berlin with his wife. What can you offer? :-) Something hip in a cool Kietz would be good, I guess!