Thursday, September 20, 2007

all clear on the western front

Tomorrow we head off for a two week jaunt through northern France. The aim of the entire journey (as we wouldn´t want to do something so incredibly banal as go on holiday simply to relax) is to visit the WWI battle fields. The Somme, Flanders, Verdun and the graves of three of my great uncles. Now if that doesn´t hit you as a rip roaring good time then I don´t know what will.

My best friend Em is over with her husband, whose grandfather was also in the war and who also wanted to visit it all. So the four of us, plus Leon Dog Wonder, will be camping and drinking and eating and having fun. And thinking about lots of dead people and the stupidity of humanity.

We´ll be leaving Em&M on the 5th of October and they´ll be heading back to Paris to catch a show at Moulin Rouge before flying back to Oz. Meanwhile we have a very important date with about 4000 VW buses in Hannover at the 2007 VanFest. DrH can hardly sleep for the excitement and I know that when he does drop off, that little curl at the corner of his mouth is not because he´s dreaming about me.

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Susan said...

Have a lovely holiday!