Sunday, October 28, 2007

dawn of the next dark age

The unavoidable winter has descended once again bringing with it somber skies, bitter breezes and the temporal uncertainty known as The Changing Of The Clocks.

There was a time when The Changing Of The Clocks was one of the most exciting moments of the year, ranking in just after The Time When We Get To Dress Up Like Colonials At School, although a fair way before The Time When We Had To Sing A John Farnham Tribute In The School Concert. I always wanted to be awake at 3am so that I could turn back the clock and marvel out how I was living the same hour all over again and wonder if I´d get to meet myself and if I did would I have a really interesting conversation or just check out how bad that fringe made me look. After reading through the xkcd archives, I´m trying to work out how the idea of making out with myself slipped past my juvenile imagination. Rest assured that should I meet a past or future version of myself due to any space-time continuum contortions brought on by archaic ideas of lifestyles lacking electrical lights, I shall MOST CERTAINLY be sticking my tongue down my own throat in the most passionate manner I can muster.

If that doesn´t give my future analyst something to work with then I don´t know what will.

Thesedays The Changing Of The Clocks has taken on a more somber note. I no longer notice where the saved hour of daylight appears or disappears from, or how it influences daily routine. I notice only the changes it makes to my friendships, the difficulties it puts on communicating with the other side of the world. Overnight an eight hour time difference has become a ten hour one. Where I previously could sit at my desk and chat to friends and family for an hour before they went home for the evening, now, by the time I make it out of bed, they´re all already away from computers and relaxing with loved ones.

For the next six months my friends are that much more out of reach again and the winter has another layer of darkness and cold. I can´t wait for The Next Changing Of The Clocks, bringing my friends back in my Skype-zone.

And perhaps the chance to check out what a fucking great kisser I am.


romi_moondi said...

It's funny, I too have thought about going back in time, but only in the context of not fucking things up as badly as before...but YEAH, of COURSE I wanna make-out with myself! :-) Where do I sign up? ;-)

Paul B. said...

I was really enjoying this literary masterpiece until I hit the John Farnham thing and now I am just... well feeling a little weird.

You ummm... keep on doing the self kissing thing.

Dr. J said...

Does Farnsy bring a little too much of your teenage years to light? Were you one who´d sing Two Strong Hearts, doing all the dance moves as well? ;)

I´m glad SOMEONE gets the kissing yourself thing. I´d hate to think I was the only one whose brain works that way.