Friday, October 26, 2007

geek-gasming myself into a stupor

A couple of weeks ago I found the webcomic xkcd. Yes, so I´m a couple of years behind the times. Deal with it.

This comic speaks to my not-so-hidden-inner-nerd. The scientist in me loves the geek of it. The romantic in me just wants to find the author and give him a big cuddle, going "Awwwwwww" and patting his head. Geek guys are romantic in a cute, nerdy and highly innocent way other guys aren´t. Trust me, if you´ve never gotten any sweet, sweet geek-lovin´ now´s the time to get out there. Put on that Seven-of-Nine outfit and watch them fall at your feet.

The US certainly rules in geekdom, with the number of sci-fi, gaming and comic conventions around these days. A part of me is glad I never got sucked into it - squishing myself into Seven-of-Nine´s costume is not a visual even I want to work with here - and yet another part of me is jealous I was never able to fully explore my nerdiness. That I never found an environment where I could allow my inner geek free rein. Let loose at one of these conventions I´m sure I´d be geek-gasming all over the place.

"Oh My God! Wil Wheaton! I had such a crush on you! Oh! Oh! Oooh!.... errrr, sorry about that."
"Ummm, that´s ok. Happens all the time here."
"No, I´m... oops, there I go again."
"Great. Anyone have a towelette?"


romi_moondi said...

I have not explored the "realm of nerd-men" as of yet, but I'm slightly intrigued (I will only admit to being "slightly" least for now ;-) )

Dr. J said...

If I have opened only one more mind to the opportunities that nerd-dom may bring then my work here is done....

Susal said...

Wow! I've been looking for a fellow nerd-girl to drop everything, plunk down 1K and fly across the country to a sci fi convention next month. None of my friends have well developed inner-nerds -- well, my one friend also happens to have 3 kids so it's just not a reasonable thing for her to do. Nothing weird, I just don't want to go alone, you know? Glad to know that there are other nerd-girls like me out there. Now... who wants to go to jumpcon with me and see that cute Jason Carter? Cute as he is, I really just want to hear him talk and talk and talk... Love those Brits!