Wednesday, October 10, 2007

how to catch up with friends

I´m feeling a little lost today and I know it´s just coming down off the busy last few weeks with one of the people I love dearly and who is now back on the other side of the planet. I really miss my friends sometimes, y´know.

Em and I kinda took the whole holiday organising thing pretty relaxed. Ok, I took it relaxed because from her end she had everything planned, drove with multiple maps and itinerary´s open on her lap and had fully background researched everything we could possibly have needed to know. All that she lacked was a compass, but I managed to fix that in the second week and now she can happily locate north and -should there be another lack-of-signage emergency- get herself out of Belgium.

So part of the whole relaxed approach included the general plan of how we were to meet, which we decided in a brief phone call a few weeks before should be in Luxembourg on the Sunday. Then they had a few hours to go through the Champagne region on the way there. Yep, that sounded good.

That was the absolute extent of the plan.

So Sunday rolled around and DrH and I are driving into Luxembourg. My mobile decides it´s not going to do international roaming today and we can´t reach Em´s. By the time we got into Luxembourg it was early evening, we had no idea where they were nor how to contact them so we parked in the city center and went and sat in the main square for a while. Figuring, of course, that they´d go there first.

By the way, cappucinos in Luxembourg suck big hairy dogs balls. Just in case you were planning on stopping by for one.

An hour later and I was getting SLIGHTLY panicky, which was an interesting twist as I´m not a normally panicky person, with the obvious exception of hearing the evil, threatening snuffle of a wild pig in the twilight. But while standing on a corner attempting to locate an internet cafe, DrH´s phone finally rang and Em was on the other end.

"We´re just driving in to Luxembourg! Where are you?"

"Umm, on a street corner in the city. Umm, near the bus stop and a statue of a big blue mutant woman."

"Hey! I see the statue. Oh! There you are! Hi!"

In the end a rather cool way to meet up, if I do say so myself.


englande said...

Can't stop giggling - yes was a lovely way to meet up - by the big blue woman statue thingy.

I must admit coming down from the trip over the last week too, it honestly feels like you still live in Geelong and not half a world away.

Let's lobby the politicians to increase funding into teleporter research!

Love and hugs
The Dear Friend

englande said...

... and OK so I may have overreacted at the lack-of-signage and directionally-challenged nature of that *particular* afternoon ... but seriously .... I'm better than I used to be ... aren't I???