Monday, October 08, 2007

life is too short for small ugly cars

Last weekend was the end of our journey (I´ll talk more about it soon I promise!) where we spent two days in Hannover at the 60th anniversary of the VW Bulli.

I am now much happier with the idea that my husband isn´t the only bizarrely fixated man in the world.

3500 buses, from the oldest (a 1949 T1) to all the latest T5´s.

And they were pretty.

Really, really pretty.

And now I think I´ll give the OK for the full respray.


vailian said...

I had a camper (VW "Atlantique")too, unfortunately it was stolen from outside my house on New Years eve, 2000... you haven't seen it have you? :)

Dr. J said...

My husband now desperately wants to know what an Atlantique is - is it another name for the Caravelle?

vailian said...

Sorry, my time in France has left its scars... of course it was "Atlantic", and, according to St. Wiki: "„Atlantic“ war die von VW nochmals aufgewertete Wohnmobilversion, die unter anderem Kunststoff-Isolierfenster hinten und eine komplette Beplankung besaß, und heute sehr gesucht ist."
It was a T3 with Standheizung, etc., a terrific machine, and to this day I weep when I think of it, because I had only had it for about 9 months, and the worst thing was that (because my ability to read fine print in English is limited, forget in German!) I didn't have theft insurance, so it was a complete loss. My son's nearly new snowboard, used just 2 times was also in there.

Since then (nearly 8 years ago now) I have not had a car at all.

Jan said...

Check out this nice video regarding the Hannover Bulli event:

(In the archive you can find it under 7th October, titled "Party für den Kult-Bus 60 Jahre VW Bulli")