Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PING! me baby, one more time

Last night I overindulged on a few shandies while out with Paul and a bunch of other recent expat additions to my life. I was exceedingly proud to note that us older members of the group had the most staying power; outlasting, outdrinking and outtalking the rest. Of course that may indicate more our desire to listen to our own voices- in all our advanced-age wisdom - than any real superiority in endurance. You know how old people get.

Well, yes, that was back when I was squatting in a flat....oh, I´ve got something SOOO interesting to say about virtual sex....did I mention I rode on the backs of sheep when I was a kid....listen up, cause my opinion is just going to blow you away....

I´m surprised they didn´t ask me politely to leave. Actually, I´m surprised they didn´t hold me down, hog tie me and gaffa tape my mouth closed to get me to shut up.

So the evening ended with Paul and I being kicked out at 1.30am and finding the U-bahn was locked. By the time the taxi dropped me home I had a pounding headache and my sleep last night was broken and disturbed. Of course I blamed the shandy for that. Nothing like hitting the hard stuff before bed to ruin a good night´s sleep.

But I was walking passed the bedroom before when my ear caught a tiny PING!. A sound exactly like the one Yahoo Messenger makes when I get a new message. I automatically entered the bedroom to check who was writing to me before realising I have no computer there. It was a stray PING!. A dislocated PING!. A PING! where no PING! belonged.

Mulling it over I realised that I kept waking up throughout the night with a feeling of disturbed expectation. Could this be the cause? Had I unconsciously woken up to answer the lost PING! of a non-existent message? Has the internet trained me so well to be at the beck and call of every chatty whim of my contacts that my brain will happily break it´s REM cycle for to do so? Is it perhaps time to wean myself from it´s tempting window of smiley faces and incorrect spelling?

Maybe. Maybe it´s time to let go. Close Skype, messenger, facebook. Get outside a bit more. But I shouldn´t make such a big decision too hastily. I think I´ll sleep on it.


Paul B. said...

Has your local Stasi rep been by lately?

Or maybe you bought a submarine sonar and left it switched on by mistake.

Sonar is cool but you honestly don't need it on all night.

And like umm why is your WP blog a post behind this one..?

romi_moondi said...

Hey Dr. J,

I found your blog via Paul B.'s comments, and I really liked this post :-) .

I find myself COMPLETELY relating to this issue, as I'm very seldom "unhooked" from the "interweb", LOL...the only difference being: I myself am very unfamiliar with this "pinging" you're saying that you should hear this "pinging" sound when you're on Facebook and Messenger? That's funny, I've never heard it myself...hmmm...maybe that's a seperate issue, for which I need seperate attention/therapy...

..In the meantime, I'll blogroll you now (if you don't mind), 'cause I like what you're saying over here :-)

Dr. J said...

Paul: The salesman didn´t warn me the damn thing wouldn´t stop PING!ing. How was I to know they had invaded the plumbing system?

Hi Romi, glad you like the place. in Messenger whenever someone sends a new message it pops up in it´s own window with a noise. It might be you have those settings switched off. I keep them switched on so that I´ll always be distracted any time I´m tempted to work.