Sunday, November 04, 2007

chocolate with raspberries

Last night we had a few people over for an evening of flammkuchen and pavlova. At first glance perhaps two dishes you wouldn´t necessarily serve together, considering the 12,000 kilometres laying between their culinary origins, but delicious nonetheless. One of our guests brought along some exquisite dark chocolate with raspberries in it, which we were able to enjoy with coffee this afternoon before running the dog in the forest.

The dog which, upon returning home, dove straight into the chocolate we´d left out and scoffed the lot, foil packaging and all.

This, in case you aren´t familiar with the inner workings of dogs, is a dangerous event. Cocoa contains a chemical which is deadly to dogs, attacking their central nervous system and heart muscle. The darker the chocolate, the more there is, the more severe the effects and our animal had just eaten some damn good dark chocolate -with raspberries- in an amount which could kill a Great Dane.

So down to the emergency vet, luckily located only 75 metres away, where he was given an injection to make him throw it up. Which he did, aluminium and all. Of course the most disgusting thing about it was that it smelled like top quality dark chocolate. With raspberries. That is, REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Only it´d just come out of the stomach of my dog. And was kinda slimy.

It was giving me chocolate cravings mixed with a bit of sick-to-my-stomach.

Leon is still there, on a drip and under observation for the next few hours, having watched us leave with reddened, accusing eyes. As sad as it is to see a loved pet ill, right now all I want to do is go and get some chocolate. With raspberries.


romi_moondi said...

Sometimes when my cat has a hairball he immediately throws up his dinner, with most of it still in the form of mushy kibbles, and before anyone can get to him, he starts to eat it back's a sickening event, but I can understand his thought process: "it's practically fresh!"

...who am I to say I wouldn't do the same in his position? (though I hope I never get a hairball...)

Dr. J said...

We had to hold him back from his regurgitated snack actually or he would have slung it down again. And I guess when compared to the horse manure - where you'd think some one had just yelled "Dessert buffet open!" by his reaction - it is very fresh. I mean it hadn´t even made it all the way through an animals digestive track yet.

Susan said...

I'm glad Leon is okay, the world needs all the dog-wonders it can get.