Wednesday, November 07, 2007

dark horse

Well I survived the critiquing. In fact, I even managed to write something specifically for it and everyone giggled in all the right places and made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Hmmm. Maybe they read this blog and were just worried I´d turn violent on them?

But the runaway success of the evening was the lass in the corner who, after weeks of calm, quiet interaction wth the rest of a somewhat rambunctious group of people, pulled out a short story which blew all preconceptions out of the water. A children´s story it appeared at first, a fairy tale.

With such amazing levels of subtext that I can say it was one of the filthiest things I´d read all year.

Around the table came disbelieving chuckles, a few slightly confused expressions and, eventually, a lot of "wow". I am going to have to put some serious work in if I want to write any erotica that comes close to that.

It´s always the quiet ones, isn´t it?


Schlupp said...

Cool! Both your success and the other story.

I used to have a nice small car at home. It is red! And nice! And mine! And now, only my boyfriend drives it, ans I miss my car and will have to buy a new one in America. But not an American one, I should hope. Japanese, probably, because they don't have nice small cars like mine here.

Dr. J said...

Hmm, maybe I should have put the comma in... I did mean small AND ugly. It´s certainly possible to have small without ugly - my next car will hopefully be an original Fiat 500 - so I´m not against small cute cars... just ugly ones.