Friday, November 16, 2007


"So what were the books you bought today?" asked DrH as we were lying in bed.

"Anansi Boys, 'cause I'm on a Neil Gaiman thing at the moment, and a Charles Stross one, 'cause he´s good. Atrocity something I think."

"That sounds like a name. Atrocity. Like a girls name."

"I think you´re thinking of Felicity."

"Atrocity means not nice things, right? Hmmm, might be the wrong image. Maybe something else ending in -city?"

"Umm.. Duplicity... Publicity?... Mosaicity?"

"That´s it! We´re calling our first daughter Mosaicity."


"Aw, go on. It'll be cool. We can nickname her... Mosaic.. or Mosie... or... something."


Schlupp said...

You are lucky there: German bureaucrats would put their foot down on 'Mosaicity' anyway.

Bugsy said...

I think Mosaicity is a lovely name - come on - it has to be better than "apple" or "tigerlily" !

Megan said...

I think I'm totally in love with you and your hubby as a couple. Hilariously adorable.

Paul B. said...

Mosaicity could also become "Milo".... now that would be something..

Dr. J said...

Honestly, I think I'll need more than just the german authorities on my side if it ever comes to naming children and it might be a bit better than tiger-lily but on the other hand, we aren't anywhere near famous enough to get away with something like that.

Megan: I have been aiming for super-cool and unbelievably sexy so I might be blogging down the wrong path here for that image...

Milo was the name of an imaginary friend on a soap called Home And Away when I was young (did you get that on your island, or were you already all grown up by then?)... and that disturbed me enough during my childhood.

romi_moondi said...

Coming from a girl named "Romi", please don't ruin your future child's life...seriously, just tell Dr. H. you know some twisted excuse for a grown up named "Romi", and that will smarten his ass up ;-)

Jan said...

Of course, there is only one sensible name with -city at the end:


IndianaMatt said...

We need more names like this: Hillarocity, Jennocity, how about Curiosity? That would fit my toddler! Funny post.