Monday, November 19, 2007

maybe I should print a BUSY-BE RIGHT BACK icon on my t-shirt?

Tomorrow sees me dipping a tentative toe again into the vast sea that is science. I'll be spending the next two months working full time for a company here doing all sciencey things again. This is going to have a number of serious repercussions:

1. I'll be showering sometime before my usual time of 1pm. So the neighbours who have so far missed my underwater warbling (which for the last month has been a mix of Bonnie Tyler, Jamiroquai and Dean Martin BECAUSE THESE BASTARDS WILL JUST NOT LEAVE MY HEAD) as they leave for work earlier in the day, will now get to experience the aural joy that is DrJ in full vocal lather.

2. I'll be wearing something other than tracksuit pants. As fashion-relaxed as the world of a basic researcher is, I know that a minimum of jeans will be required.

3. This means I'll probably have to go clothes shopping.

4. I might even be tempted to put makeup on.

5. I'm going to miss the cute DHL delivery guy every other day.

6. I'm worried that my ranking in Facebook Pirates will suffer and my Zombie battles will now have to take place of an evening.

7. I'll be forced to have conversations face-to-face with people IN REAL TIME. There is no chance to ignore their little chat window for five minutes while I finish something else. I'll have to answer them THEN AND THERE.

I really don't think I can do that anymore.


vailian said...

Why bother with the t-shirt? Just have it tatooed somewhere prominent.

Best of luck!

romi_moondi said...

My #1 Pet-Peeve about having a job is not wearing track-pants 24/7..stupid "having a job and making money and not living on the street" and crap... :-(