Thursday, November 08, 2007

on the joy of marrying germans #83

DrH donated blood yesterday, coming home with a giant bandage wrapped around his arm and its tiny needle prick. Germans do take their overengineering seriously after all and why put a bandaid on a tiny hole when you can keep whole healthcare industries running by proper consumerism?

It got to 9pm, ten hours after he sufferend the horrendously traumatic jab and subsequent severe blood loss and yet he was still wearing that bandage. I pointed out that the size of the wound was significantly disproportionate to its cladding, and that now may be time to part with his badge of blood-giving honour in my typically loving way.

"Could you take that bloody bandage off please? You look like an ijit."

DrH looked at me aghast for a moment before standing and spreading his arms wide.

"But it shows I am chivalrous! I am one who donates his heart's juice!"


Megan said...

Now I think that's just darn cute. I love him already.

Susan said...

At least he donates, my husband would faint dead away if anyone came near him with a needle that size. I on the other hand think it's fascinating to watch.