Saturday, November 24, 2007

she works hard for the money

Well that's the end of a week which saw me average four hours sleep a night and feel just about as well as you'd assume I would, knowing - as you all should by now, and if you don't then why AREN'T you pouring through my archives harvesting all the precious pieces of information about my life and loves and ice fetishes and treasuring them, scrapbooking them with little hand drawn hearts and tucking them under your pillow of an evening? -


As I was saying... KNOWING that anything less than seven and a half hours results in a zombified DrJ who will groan and moan about the place with all the joie de vivre of Marvin the paranoid android on a particularly depressing day.

So that bit was kinda sucky and is now combined with a cold that's got me hacking up a lung every half an hour (really, I'm not lying, I've brought four intact ones up already and I'm beginning to worry I may run out soon). However the rest of the week, that whole daytime job thing that so many people seem to do these days you'd think they actually ENJOY it, was really very fun and I only had to barricade myself away from other humans - fingers jammed in my ears and humming loudly to block out all evidence of other living beings - a couple of times.

A not-so-terribly-interesting series of events has led to me being a (very) minor expert in a particular aspect of the data that's generated in my field, and so I'm now meant to be scripting little programs to deal with it all. Which is all well and good and highly flattering, except that I have no idea about scripting and we can safely call this week a learning curve of the exponential variety.

A surprising twist is that I've discovered that this is actually more fun than a barrelfull of hyperactive circus monkeys on speed armed with minature bikes and trapezes, and that there are ENTIRE WORLDS of geekdom I haven't yet explored. Pretty soon I'm going to be getting jokes like this one and then, THEN, there'll be no hope for me ever, ever again.


Susan said...

Is it really that bad if a person, totally hypothetically, might have sort of laughed that that comic strip?

Stone Free said...

Who knows Jac, one might see you starting to become well versed in C+, C++ and Cobol. Tops.

romi_moondi said...

Holy crap, you're all kinds of "geek" that I've never even been exposed to.."scripting".."programs"?? "Wtf"???, but in a cool kind of way.. :-)

As for the sleep thing, I have to admit that over the last two months, 4 hours of sleep (or less) have been the case for me about 80% of the time, and I find that it has eroded my daytime personality about 80% as well (or 90%, to be fair)..the jury's still out on whether or not I'm okay with this equation...

And if my job was anywhere near as fun as hyperactive circus monkeys on speed with bikes and trapezes, I would finally have a reason taking so much speed.

Alright then, a barrel-full-of-issues later, I'm done with this comment.

PS: only you could make "nerd talk" enjoyable ;-)

Paul B. said...

A "zombified" Dr J?

I will admit it had not escaped my attention that you had hit "mogul" status and anyways if you continue to be hacking up pieces of lung does that mean we are not likely to see you this week eloquently knocking back the drinks at what is supposedly a literary event?

Dr. J said...

Susan- not at all.. it just shows that the hypothetical person is familiar with more advanced nerd notions than I am.

Speaking of which, Stone free, the language of choice is perl - for a variety of reasons but mostly because I can now make really poor jokes including the line: knit one, perl one...

Glad I haven't frightened you off with overbearing nerdiness Romi. I think a little nerd in everyone's life leads to a more well-rounded character and so I'm glad I can be yours ;)

Paul. There was going to be a really clever comment here snapping back at your insinuation that I drink too much. But I got nothing. Have a beer waiting for me, I wouldn't miss your weekly smuttiness for the world.