Monday, November 05, 2007

trust me, I´m a doctor

So we just finished watching CSI:NY, something which I rarely do these days as it is a) boring, b) predictable and c) has too many letters in its name.

But the last couple of weeks I´ve been watching all these CSIs and related shows again and, with 100% accuracy, picking the entire plot twist before The Who come on playing the opening theme songs.

Today´s was a goodie, with two girls being mixed up at the accident scene and the mother of one actually murdering her own daughter thinking it was the other girl. It was bleedingly obvious from the beginning that this was the entire twist, just from the length of time it took to uncover the bandaged face of the murder victim and the amount of camera time which was dedicated to documenting her acting-dead eyes staring out of the cloth.

So my success rate is still perfect and the show closed with the typical inwardly-torn physician rediscovering his talent and love for the whole doctoring trade with a bike accident victim.

"His airways are clear and his vitals have stabilized," he informed the arriving ambulance.
"You´ve just saved this man´s life!" said the emergency man. "Are you a doctor?"
A few heaving breaths and our psychologically crushed medicine man finally heals those deep inner wounds with a resounding "Yes."

The Who started playing their theme song again as DrH turned to me on the couch.

" 'That´s space group P6(5) and the mosaicity is high.'
'That´s amazing! Are you a crystallographer?'


Paul B. said...

I was almost about to blog bash you for writing a TV post.. my pet hate.. but I am not sure you were writing about TV. Really hate it when you play with my brain like that... Its like I have no self control.

Dr. J said...

Hey, I´ve seen you around cute young things - I know you have none....