Monday, December 17, 2007

being put into unexpected company

Right now there's a really interesting interview with Karl Lagerfeld on TV. In german of course, which is always nice to hear. He's been talking about not using modern communication; his urge to constantly reinvent himself and destroy the old; his ability to get easily bored.

He just commented that he had about 300,000 books, with a huge table the length of his bed next to it with all the books he's currently reading. Just because stuff interests him.

"You're a bit like that," pipes up DrH. "I come home with 3 new books a year and you bring home 6 every time you're in a book shop. If it wasn't for budget considerations you'd have that many as well."

"Doesn't everybody?"

"No. It's these creative people I just don't understand. You, Karl Lagerfeld..."


Snooker said...

So is DrH saying that it's a BAD thing to have enough books to start a book shop? Because I am most certainly guilty.

Jan said...

I read one book (Michael Crighton: Jurassic Park) in the cause of the last 3 weeks - and it was the only book I read in the year 2007. I could only manage to read it because I awarded myself some spare time after I submitted my thesis. And I truly enjoyed reading it!

But: How do you manage to read so many books while, at the same time, you do - similar to some extent to my life - work like mad for your business and for the drug company, writ ur blog and comment on others, do sports, go to museums and walk Leon Wonder Dog every some minutes? Not to forget watching movies, learning languages, go out drinking and dancing, and use facebook...

You folks who are capable of 'eating' books: don't you sleep at all?