Saturday, December 22, 2007

a bit of blowing my own trumpet

I mentioned briefly a while ago that one of my new time-consuming projects is cross stitch design and that I had a pattern coming out in a book.

Well the book is out and Amazon now let's you flick through a few pages.

It looks fantastic- although I'm still waiting for my contributors copy to arrive so that I can fondle it in real life, admire my name in print, lick the pages and generally just get waaay over excited by it. I also really want to see how they framed and photographed my piece. I spent a couple of weeks stitching the thing and destroyed my shoulders and neck doing so.

But... YAY!! I'm in a book!!


vailian said...

Congratulations! Hope it sells a million...
I thought of you yesterday, there was a guy sitting on the street, and I thought, Oh, a busker-- but what instrument is he playing? And he was crocheting at lightning speed.
He should have had a sign, "Will Crochet for Food".

Anonymous said...

published!! well done. I'm ordering a copy

Paul B. said...

Second try with leaving a comment. Not sure if this is an IQ test or just a literary minefield.

Sooo.... as I was saying. Well done you! Now when do I get a knitted scarf?


Dr. J said...

Thanks guys!

vailian: haven't seen busking crocheters yet, although I guess it's just a matter of time. At least it#s not as aurally assaulting as the old russian guy here who sang just Another lemon tree for three years on the U-bahn.

Anon: enjoy!

Paul: I do my best to mentally challenge you, glad you're enjoying it. You'll have to buy yourself another scarf though 'cause I can't knit at all.

romi_moondi said...

That is SO worth destroying your neck and shoulders over....I already destroy my neck and shoulders just from sitting up wrong and sleeping improperly, where's my friggin' name in a book? ;-)

PS: will I find this in a Canadian book-store? I want to fondle and purchase a copy as well! (I suppose I could buy it online, but I just love dragging my ass through bookstores.. :-) )

Dr. J said...

Hey Romi, actually the ting which destroys my shoulders at the moment is facebook because I just can't stop with that damn pirate application. ANd I doubt there'll be a book on that I can get involved in. I don't know if the book is available Canada at the moment, but I'll get my people on to it and see what they can find out ;)