Sunday, January 06, 2008

it may be a new year, but we'll be reliving the past

DrH and I decided that this year we shall take his leftover holiday days (which have to be used before March) to have a real anniversary get-away. Something we haven't done since our first anniversary, all those many, many , er herm, three years ago. At that time we went to the German coast, an extremely idiotic choice of destination in February.
This time we have decided to relive half of our honeymoon and go back to the Red Sea resort where we spent a week relaxing and overeating after our week cruise down the Nile where we relaxed and overate. Oh, and saw lots of temples and stuff.
We just booked the tickets and now have twelve days of relative warmth and massive overindulgence in Egypt ahead of us. It gives me a small ray of warmth to get through the miserable Berlin January.

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