Monday, January 14, 2008

so I admit it, I'm not immune to reality tv

Not entirely anyway.

DrH and I, if you haven't realised it so far, are pretty big DIYer's. The entire car has been rebuilt by hand; we put up an amazing amount of shelving at every chance; and DrH went and bought a hammerdrill JUST BECAUSE IT MIGHT ONE DAY PROVE USEFUL.

His tools have pride of place in the study shelves while important parts of our memorabilia, including childhood photo albums, have been relegated to waterproof boxes in the cellar. THAT'S HOW SERIOUS DIY IS IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.

So, you can imagine that the entire genre of DIY house fixer-upper reality tv goes down pretty well here.

Tonight, another house was redone, filled with IKEA furniture and the appropriate "visual highlights" and "plenty of stylish storage space". Emboldened by the speed and ease with which this twenty member team redid an entire house in three days, I jumped on ImmobilienScout24 and started looking for a weekend house. One not too far away. A little getaway in Brandenburg or Meckenburg-Vorpommern. Perfect, romantic examples of the former East, or the "German Toscana". No, really, that's how it was described.

Needless to say there were many prime East-architecture houses coming at the under 15,000€ price, but none were particularly convincing. Even for an over excited dreamer such as myself. Then I found the house described as "perfect for a cat and/or dog" and, upon investigating the photos, realised that very little human habitation was currently available within the price range of an unemployed foreigner.

So instead I went over to and found this great little 1960's Fiat 500 which just needs a loving hand, a bit of welding, a coat of paint and a serious mechanic to shine again.

What the hell, I always wanted to learn how to weld.

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