Thursday, February 14, 2008

on the road again

I haven't been a particularly productive blogger recently, but even that is about to go on a fortnight's hiatus as DrH and I are off. Tomorrow morning we're spending about 6 hours in a car without heating to visit the parents-in-law and celebrate DrH's father's birthday. After a weekend of being spoilt and overfed, we're leaving the dog there and flying out of Frankfurt to Hurghada for 12 days in an all inclusive resort on Egypt's Red Sea Riviera (as all the CNN ads call it).

So now I'm digging under the bed and trying to find all my neatly packed away summer clothes and wondering if I should try and hunt down a new pair of bathers today.

I suppose I should also think about getting DrH an anniversary present as well.. anyone have any ideas?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

cartoon skeletons

I found this while trawling through Google, as is my wont. Its a few years old, so undoubtably hit the blogosphere (blogoweb, blogonet, blogoblag?) then, but here it is again.

A fantastic sculpture display of the skeletons of cartoon animals. Roadrunner was great, but I did love Huey, Duey and Louey, and the sketches are brilliant on their own.

Friday, February 08, 2008

this is me, pretending to be important

Last night SuperCoolMatti took me along to a photoshoot he had of H&M and Chicks on Speed, who were performing at the Maria am Ostbahnhof. You know this big campaign of musicians designing fairly boring, yeah-whatever t-shirts? That thing.

So we got to hang out in the VIP bar, getting fed extremely good fingerfood in extremely small amounts and sucking down free beer. Unfortunately there didn't seem to be a single Important VIP, well at least of the recognise-them-walking-down-the-street-and-gush variety, but the free beer made up for it.

I spent the evening pretending to be SuperCoolMatti's assistant, so I got to boss people around and tell other photographers to fuck off while we were shooting, and I got to do some more modeling while we were setting up. I don't wish to blow my own trumpet here, but man, I'm fucking hot.