Saturday, March 08, 2008

coming out, so to speak

Most bloggers understand the sense of security you get behind a blogging psuedonym. The feeling of privacy; that you can let loose with just about anything, no matter how personal. This was important to me when I was still in science and using this space to work through my frustrations. They were posts that my current and future employers and colleagues didn't need to see, and I was happy not to have my name connected to them.

However the vast majority of this blog's very small readership do actually know me in real life, and I've written nothing here that I wouldn't say in their physical presence. Now that I have left academic research and am organising my life as a freelancer, I don't have a problem admitting publicly to those periods of depression I went through as I decided to change everything I had planned for my life.

So, the big moment. I can be found in a couple of places around the web with my name attached and I will no longer shy away from telling you guys about them. I won't put my name here directly, because I don't want Google to pick this up that easily and I would appreciate it if you didn't leave my full name in the comments.

Here you go: my new job as a blogger on Berlin for PlanetEye. Feel free to check that blog out- it'll be updated a few times a week and full of juicy tidbits about the best city in the world.


Paul B. said...

Well at least we try to know you Dr J.... ;-)

Romi said...

Dr. J, that's so cool!

You're like a roving guide to Berlin, and I've already learned so much from just the one post I read, i.e. I want my Doner WITH the "knoblauch" (will that get me by without knowing how to actually speak German? ;-) )