Friday, March 28, 2008

The end of the great official DrJ Going Grey Experiment 2007/2008

Last year I decided would be a good time to get my grey out. I had a couple of comments - I believe one was "You'd totally rock grey!" - which convinced me to let the beast loose. With the silvery shine my part would show only a mere three weeks after my last dye job I was positive I could become a ashen beauty if I just gave it free rein and let it gallop away with my scalp.

So I did. For the past ten months I haven't dyed my hair. I have let nature run it's course. Displayed my badge of wisdom for all to behold. Shown I'm not afraid of ageing.

Which I'm not actually. Well, except for the idea that old people aren't allowed to have sex anymore because that ain't something I'm giving up anytime soon, thank you very much. And I don't care how much it may embarrass any future offspring. Yes, your father and I shag. Deal.

Depressingly, however, I discovered that my much admired regrowth turned into much blerghed full growth. In the wonderful portraits of my new do I am actually as grey as it is currently possible for me to be. So, yeah, there's a few around, quite a gathering over my left eye in fact, and the back of my head is certainly not to be sneezed at by any advanced-age afficiando, but not enough to look halfway decent in a resplendent sterling sort of way.

So I've called it quits. the experiment is over. Done. You may now call me DrJ Longstocking if you'd like.


Charlie said...

My beard started going white when I was 29. Which seemed spectacularly unfair. But just for spite I let it go that way. By 35 I was pretty much Santa Claus. Again, spectacularly unfair. When my daughter was born, 2 years ago, the people in my neighborhood kept calling me her grandfather (I was 43). I don't have to describe how dispiriting that was. So these days I've clipped the facial hair down to a tasteful chin-strip and mustache (to save on buckets of chemicals) and pinch out the white with a bit of dye.

PS - People tend to look best with whatever makes them most comfortable and relaxed. With that said, the red is cute and natural, and not Pippi Longstocking at all.

Romi said...

That's a bold colour which will suit your bold personality, but MORE IMPORTANTLY: is that the awesome ring with the removeable-center that you were telling me about!??!?!?!?!

melanie said...

Just wanted to pop in and say the red looks fabulous!

Have wanted to conduct a similar experiement myself (having not seen my natural hair colour since I was 14)but always give up way too soon.

Was horrified a few years back when my mum shared with me that the head is not the only place that turns grey! eech.


pyjamamel said...

oops! left the wrong calling card on my previous comment. (seems the aging process is not just affecting my hair follicles!)



Stone Free said...

At least you have hair.

Anonymous said...

Having sex when your 'old' is fab - no kids around to interupt!!!!