Monday, May 19, 2008

I think I'll make them call me sir

A while back I was in a situation to overhear a bunch of South African boys school students beg their teacher to allow them out later to party in Berlin. Amazingly, every second word used by these boys was Sir: Please, sir? Of course sir! May we sir? Sir yes sir.

Last weekend I started teaching an embroidery course, which seemed to run reasonably well. The biggest problem was that I have really no reference points for where beginners are and how much time they need. I mean, I was about eight when my mother made me pick up a small pointy stick and stitch (actually I was about five when I got the large pointy stick to stitch with, but my baby-poo brown knitting attempts are best left to be forgotten by history). So knowing how to thread a needle, tie a knot, stick the pointy end through the fabric? These basic things are organic, I don't even realise that they're things that NEED to be taught.

So it was an interesting afternoon, but I think I dealt with it all reasonably well and everyone seemed happy with their work at the end. And because I had underestimated the time involved, I already have next weeks prepared.

But it's a little wierd to realise that after years of being the black sheep, I've been pulled into the family business. So to speak. My sister started a career in the same organisation as my father, my brother became a chef while my mother was a cooking teacher. And a sewing teacher. I guess you can't avoid parental influences after all.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

some things should not be done to the humble rhubarb

The last couple of weeks have sunk under the weight of multiple visitors. Its been lots of fun, and great to have touches of home after a year of being absent from Downunder. I even recieved the gift of Vegemite, powerful indeed in the hands of a knowledgeable Aussie.

Our most recent guest was Permanent HoliDave, again on the continent and resting up between gigs. I haven't seen the professional tourist since this time last year and its amazing how much time can pass while feeling that none has passed at all.

In deference to HoliDave's beaten up liver we spared him the worst of drinking excesses, but couldn't turn down the chance of partaking in Werder's fruit wine festival. If you've been watching my PlanetEye blog you would have seen a passing mention of this alcoholic event.

True to all I'd heard, Werder was full of fruit wine and intoxicated youth. Vats were filled with the stuff, bottles sold hand over fist and vast amounts of punch were available. I took home a bottle of quince wine and between us we had gooseberry, apple, raspberry, rhubarb and blueberry.

Today is HoliDave's birthday, which we'd originally planned to spend together at a giant water park inside an airship hangar, but as the man in question is currently standing at the front of a bus on its way to Madrid and discovering that the rain in Spain DOES fall mainly on the plain, we've had to postpone it.

So happy birthday HoliDave. There's an inappropriately large indoor island resort waiting for you and your speedos when you return.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

burny burny burny

Using high quality pear schnapps as a mouthwash HURTS.

This was a community services announcement.