Monday, June 16, 2008

hey, it's not just him!

We decided to get away for a bit of a long weekend. You know, chuck some food and a doona in the back of the Bulli, grab the dog and head for whatever wilds East Germany had to offer us.

We would've perhaps aimed for the wilds of West Germany, but our car is old. And slow.

Of course, this was the first camping trip we'd done this year which meant it took a full day to get all the gear out of winter hibernation. Fill up the water tanks and the portapotty. Fix the rack and metal box to the roof. Work out why the electricity has stopped working and spend two hours pulling wiring out from behind the dashboard. You know, normal car stuff.

Eventually we got underway but the delay meant we had only a 36 hour holiday to look forward to. This, in the grand scheme of things, is kind of cruddy.

So we stuck to the Brandenburg region, deciding that anything over two hours drive really was overkill and besides there was a Water Castle marked just off the highway and this I had to see. My fantasy-fueled visions of undersea royalty were somewhat destroyed by it being just a big building. Like, near the water. Pathetic really.

But cruising into the next campsite along the road, we stumbled across the Berlin VW Bus group on a weekend outing. I have never seen DrH's face shine so brightly as when we pulled up to the gate and witnessed a herd of T3's grazing in the nearby meadow. At home in their natural environment of open fires and beer cases and pissing in the bushes.

A nice bunch of people, even if they did drive T3's, and DrH is looking forward to going along to their next monthly meeting. I'm not sure I'll join him - I can talk more VW bus shit than you could possibly imagine, but these guys were EXTREME. Audi engines and Porsche brakes. Cruising speeds of 180km. In 4-wheel-drive T3's.

I mean, they could've at least owned T2's. Shown some taste.

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