Saturday, June 28, 2008

how to depress the pants off me

I was chatting over IM to one of my best friends and realised: if I go back to Australia on average once every two years, and I live another forty years, then I am only going to see him twenty more times before I die.

Twenty times.

That's it. For my family, my best friends, mates, acquaintances, childhood sweethearts. Everything on the other side of the planet has a very limited exposure from now on and each time I'm home I know I'll be thinking only "19 left, only 18..."

DrH pointed out that we only see his parents once or twice a year, which isn't that much better statistically. But the difference there is that we know we can drop everything and be there in a few hours. We can say "Sod it, let's nick down there this weekend" at any point in time. Jetting back to Australia is not as simple, nor as cheap. The difference is the opportunity always exists and if we don't take it it's our own fault, rather than the pressure of budget or excessive geography.

Twenty times. In a lifetime.

Today I feel like it's ended already.


Gardner said...

A tough pill to swallow - living overseas. One asks themselves time and time again - do the benefits stack up against the costs?
Another question I've asked myself is if I lived back home, how often would I see the friends, acquaintances, former colleagues? Regardless of the answer it's a tough part of being overseas.

Dr. A said...

That is so sad! I've never thought of it that way before.. maybe this will lead me to choose visiting friends and family over that resort vacation.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should view it as 20 opportunities to see those near and dear on multiple occasions. If you are in Australia 20 times for 20 days each time that is 400 times you could see them. Woo; that could be way too much!