Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I guess this is addiction

Last Friday I visited the turkish market here and came home with a big bunch of fresh mint. What should one do with a bunch of fresh mint? Why Mojito's of course!

Luckily our lounge room comes with a fully stocked bar which we rarely use and so an instantaneous Mojito wish is pretty easy to fulfill. Now as we all know, crushed ice is a necessity in instant-Mojito-wishes, so I trundled down to the kitchen and pulled out my manual ice crusher. It's pretty loud, so I made sure to do it at a really exciting part of the football game and have the windows wide open so all the neighbours could enjoy.

The instant-Mojito-wish was thusly fulfilled and deservedly delicious, but I found I reached the bottom to quickly. So down I went to the kitchen again, crushing more ice in the exciting part of the next football match and refilling the mint. Then I thought for a moment, and topped up the glass with water instead of rum and went and sat down.

For the last week I have been drinking virgin Mojito's and going through four trays of ice a day. I seem to have a real problem here.

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Romi said...

You know for a person who possibility drinks too much, I can't believe I've never had a Mojito...!