Tuesday, July 29, 2008

getting things done

Have I mentioned before that I'm an organisation freak?

Ahh, I can here the scoffing from everyone who knows me. I'm sure my mother just swallowed her dinner the wrong way and every housemate I've ever had just squirted beer out their nostrils. For I am RENOWNED as a messy person.

But my messiness always had a system: if I put something down somewhere I knew where it was and could always find it again at a moments notice. I had housemates who would pack everything away neatly into boxes, and then spend 20min searching for an item while I would reach into any pile and produce it instantly. It was an organisation system that worked because I was in complete control of it.

Then I moved in with DrH and have spent most of the last six years looking for things that he's moved around. The number one rule of co-existence with me is DON'T TOUCH MY SHIT, and what's the one rule that NEVER gets followed?

So seeing as my tried-and-true, worked-perfectly-for-twenty-five-years system is down the drain, I've been searching for something else. And everytime I've failed to find that perfect system which will have me completely organised and cannot be broken by a husband moving a stack of my papers.

It must be perfect. If it isn't I can't even start using it, and so there I sit, stuck and disorganised and going quietly insane.

So I've tried this geek-god David Allen's Getting Things Done and you know what? It STILL isn't perfect. It breaks to easily, the system is brittle and can't handle not being maintained with constant high attention. I like the concept of it and I've brought in various tools from it, but as a whole it doesn't work great with my personality. It's too many rules and structures and... that's something I then rebel against. Even when they're the rules I'VE set for myself.

So I'm still stuck. Anyone know anything better than GTD?

Friday, July 25, 2008

and my proof of Obama

This would've been a much better photo if I hadn't been standing on tiptoes on top of a bag, wielding a long and highly-sensitive-to-movement manual lens and THOSE TALL BASTARDS WEREN'T STANDING IN FRONT OF ME.


Yes I was there. In fact, if you follow my Twitter feed you would have been able to get hourly updates on the "getting through security" saga, an ordeal which took well over an hour in the blazing sun while I got to know my nieghbours rather intimately in the crush. Then, when we finally got through to the man who had to inspect everything we had on us, SuperCoolMatti was prevented from bringing in a 3cm padlock on the argument that it was a weapon, while I was allowed through with a 25cm 500mm lens weighing about 3 kg.

All I ever ask in security checks is a bit of practical and logical thinking, and what do I never get?

We managed to get into the "inner circle", meaning we were on a level with the journalists stand and just to their left. Just before he appeared we had some excitement with a spectator having a medical problem, and it was heartwarming to see the crowd work together so well to get help there. A few doctors in the crowd made it through first, and SuperCoolMatti came up with the brilliant idea that if you're a doctor or first aid person, you should be able to make yourself known at security and be given a first aid pack. This would ensure that there is extra medical aid sprinkled all through the crowd.

How's that for thinking?

Anyway, the speech itself was... alright. It was a lot full of little and although I can imagine that if it was a 100% American crowd it would've gotten a HUGE response, here it got a decent response. It could've been bigger and better than it was, so I felt vaguely let down by it.

In the end I was MORE moved to cut any tall person off at the knees and make deoderant an absolute requirement for any crowd member, than I was to get excited about the American election or what this guy would do for his country and ours. Naja.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

on the joy of marrying germans #64

The other night we were out walking the dog when the sudden urge struck to spin around in circles. You know how that just hits you out of the blue? No reason at all? Certainly not the wine I'd had earlier, I'm sure that couldn't be the reason.

So I stuck out my arms and span around a few times, got dizzy and grabbed onto DrH for support. To which he very soberly said:

"Well that's what happens when you have a drink and then rotate quickly around your vertical axis."

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

my life as a TV series

So a new header has gone up, only just in time to start trying to work out what the next one should be. Life's been getting busy recently and as well as the blogging work, I've got my business starting to lift off, collaborations with others starting to take up more time and then there's my fiction writing. Which has taken a back seat to everything else at the moment unfortunately.

But I did get another rejection! Yay!

Last week I went and had a very minor operation, which wasn't in the slightest bit life threatening or even interesting, but did mean that I was given a total anaesthetic for the first time in my life. I was apparently asleep for about twenty minutes before they came and took me to the theatre, but I did realise enough to notice that I was being moved. So I forced my eyes open just to experience that ceiling-flicking-passed image shown in every medical drama.

And whaddya know? It looks just like that!

The operating room had an amazing number of people in it to my addled brain, and all dressed head to toe in green. I do remember looking over to the right and seeing a big machine with lots of blinking lights and buttons and pings and thinking "Ahh, yes. Just as it should be", before a green person held a mask over my face and told me to breathe deeply.

As that blue oxygen mask drew closer I drifted back into unconcious thinking "This is just so TOTALLY ER."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

new gig!

This blogging thing is starting to become a little bigger than I originally planned.

I am now a blogger with Europe a la Carte, a travel blog focusing on jaunting around Europe on a budget. Personally I don't think you can get much more budget than the two square metres of a thirty year old van.

My first post went up yesterday, and you'll spot me there as a regular contributor from now on. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!