Tuesday, July 01, 2008

new gig!

This blogging thing is starting to become a little bigger than I originally planned.

I am now a blogger with Europe a la Carte, a travel blog focusing on jaunting around Europe on a budget. Personally I don't think you can get much more budget than the two square metres of a thirty year old van.

My first post went up yesterday, and you'll spot me there as a regular contributor from now on. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!


Karen Bryan said...

Dr J, I'm delighted to have you on board as a Europe a la Carte blogger and good luck with your own blog.

Romi said...

I read your first post on there and it was real informative!...I also recently read your Planet Eye post on that wonderful ice cream place in Berlin or "Eis" cream place? And then the other one on the crazy hotel-rooms, that was cool!...hahaha...I'm just rambling now, but needless to say you're quickly becoming my trusted go-to source for all things Europe and specifically all things Berlin ;-)