Monday, August 04, 2008

german tweets

A week ago I went along to the first ever German twitter reading (Twitterlesung), and met up with jenna_ in what felt remarkably like a blind date, where I stared nervously at all tall brunettes hoping for a small signal that they were the one I was waiting for. Perhaps I should have worn a red rose in my lapel.

Anyway we met up and had enjoyable evening despite the presenters best attempts to make it cliqueish and self indulgent. The first presentation - A day in the life of Twitter - was hilarious, but after that it was just people admiring themselves and each other's ability to be clever in 140 characters.

If you do want to watch the first presentation here's a video . The funny bit is between 111 minutes and 88 minutes (the timing only seems to exist backwards there) and it is of course all in German. Here are a few gems which stuck with me though:

*Das Homeoffice ist der Tod der Körperpflege.

*Mir ist schon wieder beim Radfahren der Penis eingeschlafen. Aber fürs aufwachkribbeln lohnt es sich.

*Ich hab mein Schnitzel in Auto vergessen.

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