Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweaty, stinky and half deaf... ahhhh

I know you're all desperate to find out what my tweet meant the other day. For those who don't follow me, here it is:

Got caught on a shipwreck in berlin by the water police. knuckles are now rapped.

However you're all going to have to wait a bit longer because I want to just quickly mention that I had a FUCK'N ROCK'N weekend at the Highfield festival.

Yes, DrH and I teamed up once again with PermanentHoliDave in what has now become an annual ritual of German music festivals. This time around we dragged along SuperCoolMatti and instead of heading all the way down to the Nürburgring for Rock Am Ring, we went to Erfurt for the Highfield festival.

This was the basic lineup:

*Hans, where's the beer?*
*No Camping here, Sir*
*1000 PortaLoos*
*Tinned Sausages with Runny Eggs*
*3 Days Showerless*
*Am I Too Old For This*
*Nope (Thank God)*

As you can see, an arse kicking weekend. I shall now go and grab one of the left over beers and await my turn for the shower.


Anonymous said...

I've been too old for that kind of thing basically since I was born. I don't bother with pubs where one has to queue for a beer, so that really cuts out any event with PortaLoos :)

Diane Mandy said...

I've subscribed to your blog, but how do I find you on Twitter? After a Tweet like that, I got to know!