Monday, September 01, 2008

catching up.. and leaving again

Alright everyone, I know it's been a while. It's going to have to be a bit longer...

We're due to leave for Italy tomorrow. That's probably not going to happen - after a weekend witha large number of extended family here and tearing up the town, we haven't even started packing. Luckily we're travelling by Bulli which means we can leave whenever we want it's probably going to be Wednesday now.

Then I'm gone for almost all of September - soaking up the Tuscan sun.

I'll probably twitter the trip. For those who don't know it, just go along here and you can read all that I'm up to in tiny bit-sized amounts. I've also put the twitter badge back up on this page (see? over there on the right?) so that you can follow me here directly.

Ahh, I have no energy right now. Packing to go away should be exciting but right now I just can't be bothered.


Diane Mandy said...

Enjoy Italy!

Anonymous said...

Die Welt wartet gespannt auf den Reisebericht! :)