Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've got this mothering thing down pat

So yesterday I rolled on over to my brother's place so he could cook me a fantastic meal of kangaroo and let me play with his kids. They live halfway out to woop-woop, so I'd volunteered to spend this morning looking after the eldest kids so my sister-in-law could get stuff done in the Big Smoke. Ok, the Medium Smoke.

However today has turned into a scorcher and my brother's bushfire prevention plan (being out halfway to woop-woop as he is and in a bushfire risk area) is to get the hell out on hot days. Just in case the bush around the house explodes suddenly into flames and blocks the one escape route.

So I packed the kids into the car and brought them into the Medium Smoke, where I knocked on my mother's door, shoved the kids in her arms and went and had a nap.

I just got up to find they'd baked biscuits and now Nanna is helping them paint the footpath with water.

Yeah, this gig rocks.

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