Monday, January 05, 2009

new look. again.

In celebration of the New Year and the fact that Australia is still slightly cheaper and has two for one offers, I have gone out for a new look and bought TWO new glasses frames.

Number One: The sexy business woman

Number Two: The eccentric (yet still sexy) librarian

If you've forgotten, here are my previous ones (and another incarnation of my hair), although as they are all the same prescription I imagine I'll still slip into those ones too.

My hair has also taken on a new gestalt. Gone is the brown, the grey, the red and the heavy fringe which made me look like Velma from Scooby Doo has been replaced with a thinner, crooked look.

Because that just makes me look so damn cool.


G in Berlin said...

I really loved that last do. Perhaps I had a secret crush on Velma?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Romi said...

Those flourescent shades are awesome, and I am really feeling your new hair-do! (but Velma's pretty rad too ;-) )