Sunday, February 22, 2009

putting on pants again

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a shock to the system, for employment is going to force me to shower before 2pm. Yes, I have once again entered the maelstrom of the workforce and will be wearing more than daggy tracksuit pants for the majority of the day.

In one of those surprising events, I happenchanced upon an opportunity I couldn't bypass. I must say that so far life has consistently supplied me with fortuitous occasions and I don't feel I've ever really had to work to get work. I've applied to ads and been to job interviews, sure, but an alarming number of these oh-so-serious-selling-yourself events have happened in bars. Or cafes. Or walking to S-bahn stations. By the time I turn up at an office, dressed to kill and ready to wow, they've decided to hire me already.

Which I think has more to do with being open for different opportunites than it does with my own talents at any one particular thing. Which I don't have, at least not compared to many of my colleagues who are experts far above and beyond my knowledge in a niche field.

The new job is launching me into a brand new area, in which I currently have zero expertise. I'll be working for a regulatory affairs consultancy and expect to spend the first month or two feeling like I'm floundering and well out of my depth.

And, honestly? That's the best part.

Friday, February 20, 2009

what, you mean today isn't just about me?

Today marks the fifth anniversary of me not getting kicked out of the country, aka The Wedding Anniversary. I would go on and on about our wonderful relationship and the great guy that DrH is and blah-de-blah-blah but I don't want to. Instead I want to show off the new extension for my engagement ring that I scored.

Now those many years ago DrH proposed in a very German way by warning me several weeks in advance that he'd like to propose and making sure I was okay with the idea. You certainly don't want to risk rejection, right, and -considering that every German's response to me saying "DrH asked me to marry him" was "And, what did you say?"- I guess rejection is something they tend to expect.

So of course he wasn't going to make the brash step of buying an engagement ring and risk me not liking it. As the typical solitaire is not my cup of tea, this was a good move on his part. Eventually we found one I loved and I rang mum to tell her:

"I got my engagement ring today."
"Oh, what's it like? Tell me, tell me!"
"Well it's large and it's steel and has a garnet in it and you can change the stone."
"Oh. Well. That's... nice, dear."

But that's what it was. Part of a system by the jeweller Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz where all the pieces are held in with little spring loaded pins and you can mix and match all the bits. Perfect, I thought, and every year he can just buy me some new stones for it - simple and he doesn't have to wrack his brains trying to come up with a present. See what a thoughtful wife I am?

This year I got an armband (to fit in the watch I got for my birthday), two amber stones and an limited edition enamel bowl called Fire.

Sexy, huh? Some of the pieces in it I already had (such as the fur). Here's what the system looks like if I pull it apart:

So you can see the pin, the hole it goes through in the center stone and the hole it clicks into in the ring. Of course, I've now been collecting bits for five years and every single time I go in there I end up buying about twice as much as I'd originally budgeted. On top of the original steel ring, I have a two fingered silver ring and now the camel leather wrist band. Here's my current collection:

Pulling them apart and mixing them around can keep me occupied for hours. Permanent Holidave, when he was over last year, sat and watched me put rings together and take them apart for quite a while before coming up with the perfect description:

"It's like Transformers for girls."

Friday, February 13, 2009

home is where the heart is

Well, I'm back. Three months, two continents and only a measly seven blog posts -most of which were focused on my hair- later. I have survived the 31 hour journey, recognised the husband, was recognised by the dog, and showered.

I am clean and home. Two very nice feelings to have at the same time.

Within thirty minutes of being home I was -surprise, surprise- on the web. Thankfully my desktop had all of my passwords saved so I can log into things I'd otherwise have well and truly forgotten. Actually I HAVE well and truly forgotten them, so I guess I'll have to order new ones soon. Just like my pin number. Again. For the, oh I don't know, seven hundredth time in the last year.

I'm thinking memory exercises and gingko may be in my near future. Or early onset Alzheimer's.

So now I'm sitting down again at my computer. In my study. At home. Where all my passwords are saved. Where my husband was alone for the last three months. Hmmm. I don't think he'd snoop. Go through my correspondence. Clear out my bank accounts of the 7.65€ I'd scrimped and saved. Read my innermost secrets in my diary.

Oh hang on, that's THIS thing. Wow do my innermost secrets suck.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

again with the hair

I got my hair cut again and I have to admit it was probably the 43 degree day talking when I said "CHOP IT ALL OFF NOW". Note to self: don't decide on a new haircut in a heatwave.

Admittedly from the front it doesn't look all that drastically different, so here's an over exposed shot to show just how short it is at the back and top now. Second note to self: if I want shots of me I should get the pro photographer in the family to do it instead of attempting it myself.

So that's it. And now I look more like a member of a Swedish boy band than ever before. I'll have to find out if they make narrow legged, black acid wash jeans in my size.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

a sevidical post

You can call me a Mummy now, for I just adopted a word.

Sevidical, meaning speaking cruel and harsh words, is now my own little wordy and I shall hug him and kiss him and call him Albert. Or, you know, Sevidical. Because he seems to already have a name. Although I do think Albert is a good one.

I'm doing it for a cause, of course, because just doing it on my own would sound silly. Apparently every year more and more words get dropped from the dictionary because of disuse and it's up to us to band together and save them from extinction. Just like pandas and polar bears and those ultra cute Vietnam leaf-nosed bats.

If you want a word yourself go to Save The Words and find one. I must admit that after I'd already adopted sevidical I spotted drollic and fell in love. I wonder if he'd be ok with another adopted sibling?