Sunday, February 22, 2009

putting on pants again

Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a shock to the system, for employment is going to force me to shower before 2pm. Yes, I have once again entered the maelstrom of the workforce and will be wearing more than daggy tracksuit pants for the majority of the day.

In one of those surprising events, I happenchanced upon an opportunity I couldn't bypass. I must say that so far life has consistently supplied me with fortuitous occasions and I don't feel I've ever really had to work to get work. I've applied to ads and been to job interviews, sure, but an alarming number of these oh-so-serious-selling-yourself events have happened in bars. Or cafes. Or walking to S-bahn stations. By the time I turn up at an office, dressed to kill and ready to wow, they've decided to hire me already.

Which I think has more to do with being open for different opportunites than it does with my own talents at any one particular thing. Which I don't have, at least not compared to many of my colleagues who are experts far above and beyond my knowledge in a niche field.

The new job is launching me into a brand new area, in which I currently have zero expertise. I'll be working for a regulatory affairs consultancy and expect to spend the first month or two feeling like I'm floundering and well out of my depth.

And, honestly? That's the best part.

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