Friday, February 20, 2009

what, you mean today isn't just about me?

Today marks the fifth anniversary of me not getting kicked out of the country, aka The Wedding Anniversary. I would go on and on about our wonderful relationship and the great guy that DrH is and blah-de-blah-blah but I don't want to. Instead I want to show off the new extension for my engagement ring that I scored.

Now those many years ago DrH proposed in a very German way by warning me several weeks in advance that he'd like to propose and making sure I was okay with the idea. You certainly don't want to risk rejection, right, and -considering that every German's response to me saying "DrH asked me to marry him" was "And, what did you say?"- I guess rejection is something they tend to expect.

So of course he wasn't going to make the brash step of buying an engagement ring and risk me not liking it. As the typical solitaire is not my cup of tea, this was a good move on his part. Eventually we found one I loved and I rang mum to tell her:

"I got my engagement ring today."
"Oh, what's it like? Tell me, tell me!"
"Well it's large and it's steel and has a garnet in it and you can change the stone."
"Oh. Well. That's... nice, dear."

But that's what it was. Part of a system by the jeweller Charlotte Ehinger-Schwarz where all the pieces are held in with little spring loaded pins and you can mix and match all the bits. Perfect, I thought, and every year he can just buy me some new stones for it - simple and he doesn't have to wrack his brains trying to come up with a present. See what a thoughtful wife I am?

This year I got an armband (to fit in the watch I got for my birthday), two amber stones and an limited edition enamel bowl called Fire.

Sexy, huh? Some of the pieces in it I already had (such as the fur). Here's what the system looks like if I pull it apart:

So you can see the pin, the hole it goes through in the center stone and the hole it clicks into in the ring. Of course, I've now been collecting bits for five years and every single time I go in there I end up buying about twice as much as I'd originally budgeted. On top of the original steel ring, I have a two fingered silver ring and now the camel leather wrist band. Here's my current collection:

Pulling them apart and mixing them around can keep me occupied for hours. Permanent Holidave, when he was over last year, sat and watched me put rings together and take them apart for quite a while before coming up with the perfect description:

"It's like Transformers for girls."


Romi said...

Wow I love your ever-growing kit of swappable jewelry, definitely the ring that keeps on giving, and happy (belated) anniversary dude! :-)

FAPORT International said...

Yeah! all styles of jewelery are amazing, i like the bracelets styles....

Jasmin said...

I fell in love with Charlotte this spring and got myself quite a collection, mostly through ebay. But yes, whenever you enter the shop, you walk out with something...

Anonymous said...

Here is another blog about this beautiful jewelry: