Sunday, March 22, 2009

that stitching thing

I haven't really talked much about embroidery here, but I think I might now because it's starting to get all serious-like. I'm offering courses, selling patterns and in a few weeks will be having a small showing in Kreuzberg of some of the more advanced embroidery stuff I'm doing.

I was thinking of 1970's porn done in Or nué goldwork, but didn't think I'd get that finished in time. Instead I'm doing a series of stumpwork pieces inspired by classic tattoos. In case you haven't heard of it (and let's face it, only the terminally uncool like myself have) stumpwork is a 17th century English embroidery technique which creates three dimensional stitched figures. It's one of my favourites.

The first I already have finished, so here you are: A Flaming Heart, rendered in thread.

Friday, March 20, 2009

board games

Almost a year ago I announced to you all that we had gotten rid of our TV. While I'd love to say we were TV-free for a year it's not entirely the case. We had the TV thrown back at us just before the Olympics, so I kept it for that, and then we had housesitters through September, so we left it here for them. We only got rid of it again in October and by December I was in Australia and held fast by horrible summer programming.

Now I'm back, we have no TV and life is settling in again. Board games have become a main staple of our life and ove the last year I've purchased quite a number. We got PermanentHoliDave so addicted to Zug um Zug (Ticket to Ride in English, though with the European board of course) that he hunted it down back in Australia and tried to convert everyone. He and I spent an entire day playing game after game and the tragic outcome was that he won more times than I did.

Here, playing against DrH, I can be assured of winning at least seven times out of ten. Siedler of Catan, Carcassonne, Metro, Alhambra... I am the board game QUEEN in my house. DrH wins enough that he is willing to keep playing, but generally I am the victor. Until this week when I bought Thurn and Taxis.

In building mail routes across 19th century German States, it seems that DrH has found his calling. He's gotten this one, worked out the strategies and when so armed he's...well, he's kicking my arse.

So tonight I think I'll pull out Carcasonne again and this time I WILL be using those attacking towers.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

starting off again with a meme

Gosh I've gotten pathetic with blogging haven't I? I keep thinking of things that I'd love to write and then get distracted by something else (Look! Shiny!). So to try and jump back on, I'll do a meme. Peter Bihr over at The Waving Cat tagged me for the seven things meme, which I think I did a few years ago but I'll still try and come up with some newly unknown facts about myself.

1. When I think of something I'm embarrassed about I unconciously say a phrase out loud. I'm not going to tell you what that is right now, but suffice to say that it's embarrassing enough in itself that it causes MORE situations I'm embarrassed about, which makes me say it AGAIN which.... you get the picture.

2. I didn't realise Tina Turner was black until I was in my teens. When the movie came out and had a black woman playing her I was really surprised, but didn't say anything because I figured it had to do with political correctness and equal opportunity and that you couldn't reject a qualified actress for a role based on her skin colour. I was worried that if pointed out that it was a bit weird to have a black actress playing Tina Turner everyone would brand me racist.

3. I have a chicken pox scar right between my boobs.

4. I'm secretly worried that I'm fundamentally not a very nice person and my friends just haven't realised that yet.

5. I think cucmbers are one of the most disgusting tasting things around. Okay, this isn't unknown to anyone who has had dinner with me. But they are REALLY awful.

6. I'm godmother to my husband's ex-girlfriend's child. I have a hard time reconciling the title with being athiest. It needs a new job title. And before you ask, the child is her and her husband's and DrH was not involved in child-making in any way.

7. I recently started a preparation course for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. However, when it comes to Art I'm one of those "I know what I like" people. I'm not proud of it, but I can't bring myself to care enough to get really involved in deconstructing some splashes of paint. I realise that really doesn't make much sense, so it's probably just as well that they canceled the course on me after a few weeks and now I have to find another school that offers it.

Now I should tag people, although I don't think many do memes anymore. Here you go:
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