Wednesday, April 08, 2009

why, what's the first thing you think about of a morning?

DrH has been sick all week, with slightly more than the normal man-cold, and so has been home and sleeping a lot. This has lead to the rare event where I'm up before him of a morning. Neither of us really know what to do with each other of a morning on a weekday because normally we don't see each other - I get up as he closes the front door and generally I don't want to have to actively speak to anyone for at least an hour.

So this week has led to some unusual interactions when he makes it out of bed after I've managed to actually wake up. Such as:

"Good morning, my love." *hack, hack, cough, flem, groan*

"Can't talk. Must google why Eskimo's don't get scurvy."


Claire said...

LOL. So now I want to know what Eskimo's don't get scurvy!

Scott said...

"Mancold"--that's hilarious! I've never thought of a "mancold" or "womancold"--but I've never lived with a woman (not that I wouldn't want to, I'm just unlucky with the opposite sex), so I have no experience with that!

But I definitely can relate to your need for quiet, after waking. I'm the same way, even though I live alone. I never wake up perky, either! So I don't call anyone on the phone, or e-mail anyone, until after I've had my breakfast (which is usually in the afternoon--I'm late-to-rise, late-to-bed), taken my "morning" medication, and had my coffee while listening to my stereo!