Thursday, July 30, 2009

still alive

This is summer right? Lazy days, beaches and bathing? Huh, wouldn't have noticed.

If you haven't caught up with the latest (and really, how would you be able to with me not writing it up here?), I've started a stitching blog over at It's still early days, but I'm more likely to be found over there than here now. Of course there's also the appropriate twitter ( and I still use the aliented twitter account to. Far more thn I actually get around to any long-winded, more than 140-character updates at least.

So far summer has been packed out with commitments. We've been here, there and everywhere almost every weekend. Last weekend was a 36 hour trip to the UK for the wedding of DrH's cousin - a fly in and out so fast that all I managed to get was an embroidery magazine, a crossword book and some peppermint Aero bars. Oh how I miss peppermint Aero bars.

This weekend we're heading down to DrH's mother's belated 70th birthday celebration, the weekend after that I'm in Munich on a course, the weekend after that is a three day Bulli festival in Brandenburg and the weekend after THAT is a three day rock festival near Erfurt where I shall be trying to distract DrH from the big 4-0.

I'm a little worried we'll come back from the festival with a convertible and 23-year old blonde in tow. You know how these big birthdays seem to affect folk.

still putting up with me