Saturday, September 04, 2010

apparently I've become a housewife

I'm spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days. Before I start ruining my reputation too much, I will let you know that I don't clean. I don't vacuum or iron or put the washing on - those are what you have a husband for and far be it for me to interfere with something he does with such obvious enjoyment. Dusting is my thing, and attacking the scale in the bathroom, but the rest of the housekeeping duties are not for me. It's a deal which works out pretty well for both of us.

Anyway, today I went shopping at a fantastic kitchen supplies place, Coledampf's, thinking I'd grab some baking stuff. You know, some muffin tins or cookie cutters or something which I OBVIOUSLY desperately need and please ignore the pile of supplies I already have.

But in one corner was a beautiful shiny pile of glass jars with rubber seals and clips all ready for jam and preserve making season. And they called to me with the beguiling voice of kitchenware.

"There's that relish recipe that Mum gave you which she had from that woman in the old folk's home where Nanna was..."

Moo's Relish. I'm not joking with the name. And this recipe has run riot through family and friends. It's famous, Moo's Relish, among at least twenty people of suburban Geelong. Man, is that some good relish.

So I grabbed an armful of jars, as well as the recipe book on display, and bicycled them home.

Brief aside: have I mentioned I got a new bike for my birthday? It's a classic Holland bike and I look exactly like the Wicked Witch of the West as she cycled off into the tornado. It may be that I cackled on my way home tonight.

I decided to build my way up to Moo's by trying out the new book and downscaling everything for just one or two jars. After all, I had to get the hang of sterilizing stuff without a handy lab autoclave nearby. And I kept wanting to do everything with full aseptic techinique under a bunsen burner but, surprisingly, the books instructions didn't include that.

So I've made a small jar of Lime Curd and a Peach and Date Chutney. The kitchen is a minor disaster area, but that's not my problem to deal with and instead I can admire these cute little jars filled with deliciousness. And next week I think I'll go and buy some more. We may have to build in extra storage space, now that I come to think of it.

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Anonymous said...

Alien Ted is alive! Why did nobody tell me about this??

The housekeeping, you are so lucky that DrH is enjoying it! We have no real order and we both do not like to do anything. Every time I do some cleaning I am thinking "How do I find a reliable cleaner who comes once per fortnight and brings down the waste, hoovers, and clears the balcony? And brings my shirts to the laundry shop for ironing?" What are your thoughts on subcontracting these tasks?