Monday, September 27, 2010

doing it tough

Gosh, life can just be full of hardships can't it? DrH and I have taken a weeks holiday and are currently sitting on a terrace in the middle of Barcelona. It's been terribly sunny and warm and occasionally we've had to wait, oh, at least four minutes before the sangria was delivered to our table.

The suffering, I tell you.

Of course it has actually been slightly harder than normal to do the tourist route, what with my broken foot. We've had to curtail the walking somewhat, and do things at a slower pacer than we might otherwise have.

Take today. After waking up at 10, we read books for two hours until deciding to go for breakfast. We walked about 125 metres to the market, found a cafe and then sat and read for half an hour. Walked another 55 metres and found a lovely garden, where we sat and read for an hour. Walked 500 metres or so gawking at stuff, then decided to have lunch. We ate tapas and then read for another hour. A slow stroll back to our abode, stopping off to buy some antique earrings, and now we're reading again.

I've almost finished my second novel since holidays started yesterday morning and, for the record, The Wind-up Girl by Paulo Bacigalupi totally deserved its Hugo and Nebula awards.

Yep, this holiday thing. Really hard.


Anonymous said...

So this is your Mother and I need to know how you broke your foot!!!

Anonymous said...

Ps.Hope you enjoyed the holiday except for the sore foot and I think that the antique earrings look great!!!