Thursday, September 02, 2010


I've been on a baking thing recently. I'm not entirely sure why, but almost every weekend, and many weeknights, I've found myself in the kitchen creaming and kneading.

No, not like that. Take your mind out of the gutter.

Last weekend I decided to go the whole hog and give sour dough a try. Honestly I'm not sure why it worried me- many years ago I was growing 15 litres of yeast a day and demanding much more of the wee beasties than just getting some bread to rise and that worked out. Usually.

So on Saturday I cracked out the baking book my mother gave me when I moved here and complained about the bread (yes, Germans, that complaint goes in both directions) and put the starter on. Sunday I added more flour to get the sponge going and the whole thing was looking pretty good. I got a little worried on monday as the sponge was looking a bit yellower and not smelling as yeasty as I'd thought it should and I know how bad a bacterial infection can be for a yeast culture.

But I bit the bullet and made the bread and damn me if it didn't just turn out delicious.

So now I've found a potato based starter online and think I'll put that on tonight....


Susan said...

Can I come over? Those look and sound delicious. I've also never been brave enough to try sour dough.

Dr. J said...

Please come over again! Or, maybe even better, head over to Barcelona for the last week in September....

Anonymous said...

The bread looks yummie indeed!

What can possibly be wrong with the bread available in Germany? What is missing, except for French butter croissants?

Actually, the best croissants ever I ate in Switzerland. It was in the French speaking part, in Geneva. I passed by this bakery every morning when I commuted from Lausanne to geneva for an internship at the Transports Public Genevois. Gosh, they were so yummie... Once I bought 8 croissants and had them all eaten before I arrived! :) jh