Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Doc, doc, doc, doc

I swear I've spent more time with members of the medical profession in the last three months than in the previous thirty years combined. This is getting ridiculous.

So yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk talking to a colleague when my lower back twinged. Then twinged again. Then apparently decided I wasn't yet paying enough attention because it proceeded to grab every muscle in my lower back and give them a chinese burn that would make twelve year old every where go "Wohhhr" in awe.

I spent half an hour lying on the floor waiting for a muscle relaxant to kick in before I could hobble downstairs and get a colleague to drive me home.

And it was definitely hobble because, y'know, I still have that broken ankle thing.

Now you may ask why I happened to have prescription strength muscle relaxants in my handbag anyway. Well that's because my upper back was such a mess that I've been at the physio once a week for the past two months. Nicely enough I've an appointment tonight, so he'll get to work on all of my back for once.

I suppose it's a good thing that these have all been injuries as opposed to illnesses, but I'm feeling like an eighty year old. Hopefully I can heal in time to get hit by the real problems of aging.

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