Tuesday, January 04, 2011

right now there's a solar eclipse

At least that's what the radio told me this morning. I wouldn't know of course because I've spent the last half an hour underground, fighting for a seat on the u-bahn. Which is more crowded than usual because the S-bahn is continuing its fun and games by canceling entire routes and reducing the others to "it'll get there when it gets there".

So I'm down here while the sun is doing fun stuff above ground and my neighbours don't seem to realise that the reason I keep falling into then is because I have a busted ankle and they should bloody well give me their seat rather than the evil eye. Of course it doesn't help that the train driver is an overly aggressive sort and seems to think that braking occurs in binary. It's 0 or 1 only- there will be no gradual slowing down here.

Ahh, almost at the end of the line. Now, do you think the clouds will clear long enough?

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G in Berlin said...

When I had the severed spine with the neck brace and no one gave me a seat on the subway, I learned to say: Excuse me, please give me that handicapped seat. I think you should learn the German for that and use it. People are just idiots. Sometimes, they aren't even spiteful or mean idiots, they are just idiots.
Hope it gets better, and I can't see anything out here anyway.