Monday, May 16, 2011

giving in

So I've thrown my hands in the air and done it. Given in to one of the two mega-companies in the field BECAUSE PUBLISHERS HAVE LEFT ME NO CHOICE.

Except, y'know, for downloading all their books for free. Which I could do. But which I haven't. Because, y'know, I want to see authors get paid so they put more shit out for me to read.

See that Mr Publisher? I wish to give you money for books EVEN THOUGH I can get most of them for free. What was your reason for DRM again?

But I tell you, I don't think publishers care that much about selling books, considering how mother-fricking-arse-difficult they make it to buy one of their books if you are a) not living in the US of bloody A and b) haven't sold yourself over to one of the two mega-companies in the field.

So I did it. I gave in. I ordered a Kindle. Hopefully, I will now read books again. And hopefully in the future I will continue to be able to access the books I bought even though the company has gone belly-up in the meantime and the hardware and apps no longer exist.

I just wish I didn't feel like I need to take a shower now.


G in Berlin said...

You could buy from Baen. Their books have no DRM and are available in multiple formats (one of which, .mobi, is also readable on a Kindle. Or direct from certain autors, who also sell drm free their own books. Or read OP books, also in .mobi. I don't have any illegal books at all, and have 1000s in e-format, very few of which I have bought (percentage wise). I won't buy a book in e that costs more than the HC or PB available version (which is why I just tore open a packet from Amazon.UK a second ago).

Dr. J said...

I've been buying from Baen for a couple of years, but I'm not too happy with the selection of books. I've bought the backlists of a couple of their authors and have been a bit disappointed with the quality of the writing. Some have been brilliant, some not so.
I would love to buy direct from authors if I could find ones I was reasonably certain were ok. At least publishing houses ensure spelling etc is pretty much correct and I've had a few large enough fails to make me wary. (Of course, I borrowed a few crime novels from my family in Australia last month and the writing sucked so badly I put them down after a few pages).
Plus, there are a number of authors I just love, but can't get their books at all anymore unless I go back to paper (and in some cases annoying large format books).