Tuesday, May 17, 2011

working title

So this life thing that's started kicking me in quite a freakishly disturbing, not to mention entirely distracting, way is due for a name at some point. Up until last week I had given it the working title of Hieronymous Rex because, well, Hieronymous is just cool and Rex matches with it so well.

Go on, try it out. See? It just rolls off the tongue.

But that went out the window when we found out last week that it is missing certain dangly bits of anatomy. So I've switched to Hieronymous Roxie. Which is nowhere near as cool, and I've a feeling the Hieronymous might be dropped at some point. This greatly disappoints me.

Now, as this piece of life will be getting my surname, DrH has dibs on coming up with her given names. He's currently working on ways to put VW into the name (Veronica Wanda? Vanessa Willow?) and even asking if we could perhaps give it a new surname such as Wie, so it can then be Frau Wie.

That's a joke that only works if you know how VW is pronounced in German. And even then it's a pretty poor one.

Then one of his VW friends suggested that Westphalia would be a pretty nice sounding girls name and he's pushing that agenda at the moment.

Thank goodness I retained veto rights.


Anonymous said...

I'd be exercising those veto rights if I were you :)

ann said...

As foreign types, you get a bit more leeway, but still, I'd rather not be the person proposing naming a child Westphalia at the Standesamt. (If you were German, the Beamte at the Standesamt would have full veto rights as well.) It shouldn't be hard to convince him that you'll have your hands full enough without having to be dealing with getting letters from the consulate.