Wednesday, June 15, 2011

no this is not nesting

I've been planning on redoing the kitchen for years. Pretty much, since we moved in here. In Berlin, kitchens in rentals generally come with an oven/stove, a sink and maybe some kind of bench arrangement.

That's it. You rarely have cupboards, or shelves or any kind of inbuilt furniture.

So when we moved in we did it the cheap-arse student-styled way and threw some IKEA shelving up, stuck a freestanding sideboad in there and an old 1930s cupboard that my brother-in-law was going to throw out. Our kitchen is also our laundry, containing the washing machine and a clothes drying rack that we have to manouvre carefully around to get to the sink.

Also our kitchen is tiny, almost triangular, has a curved wall and a servants entrance. It's kooky, kinda cute and highly impractical.

So I've been planning on redoing it for a few years, but now that I'm actually sitting down with it, I'm stumped.

First off - the curved wall. It's, well, curved. It's a quarter circle surrounding the external servants stairwell and it has a door in it. Now, if it came with a servant I wouldn't mind so much, but it doesn't and I'm left with trying to sort out cabinetry there.

Next, the water connection where I have to attach the dishwasher and washing machine is in an awkward spot on the other wall from where I'd like it.

Thirdly, there is one tiny window and no space to put a table. And I'd REALLY like a table in the kitchen because we have an incredibly long hallway and it's quite a trek to the dining table with your tea and toast when you're still half asleep. And having to dodge dog beds and dog and his tennis balls and any books I may have accidentally-sort-of-forgotten to put back in the shelves the previous night.

So, finally, I started with the most important bit which was determining the colour scheme. To this purpose I've dived back again into ColourLovers and have gotten entirely lost in it. What do you think of this colour scheme? Or this one? This?

GAH! How am I meant to go about redesigning an entire kitchen if I can't even decide on a single colour scheme I prefer?!


G in Berlin said...

I absolutely love re-doing kitchens. Send me some plannish type drawings with measurements and I'll figure something out for you. I've done it commercially three times, worked in lots of kitchens and re-made 4 of my own, including a partial build here in this apartment. That's placement and then design. You need to have a style you like.

bukowskichick said...

This probably wont help with your palette issues but...

Also - why don't you go on dawanda? You might be able to get bespoke stuff on the cheap!

Susan said...

I like the second two schemes the best. What is the rest of your place done in? And does the kitchen flow into any other rooms that need to be taken into account? What about your kitchen things, do you have a theme there to coordinate with?

Dr. J said...

@G - oh my goodness, that's an offer and a half! I may have to take you up on that.... do I have a contact email for you?

@Bukoowskichick - I hadn't considered Dawanda at all actually. Will have a poke around today.

@Susan that's just 'cause it's called Dog's Blood Rising isn't it? ;)

Emily said...

definitey definitely definitey dogs blood rising, though id make the raspberry pop more by decreasing the grey tone thats stil in it.... having said that, this is one of my colour schemes so im a bit biased :)

G in Berlin said...

It's bigappletobigbear(at)
You could come for a cup of (weak American style) coffee, or decaf, (or Tea, as that's your native tipple?) and see what I have done with the kitchen I have- it's always interesting to live with what you have and because we had some horrible light green tile, we wound up putting a chocolate on the walls I would never have thought of (I'm not much for the browns, normally. I really do love planning where to put things:).