Monday, November 14, 2011

kitchen reno

Okay, so it's time for me to do the update on the massive kitchen make-over. Just to address the major question that crops up from family and friends: yes, we rent and yes, we paid for all of this. But compared with the cost of moving to a place with a kitchen this nice, we've made our money back in ~two years AND we still get to take it with us when we move out (a major point in a city where apartments normally don't have kitchens installed). Anyway, the improvement in living quality makes it well worth while regardless.

Unfortunately, we didn't go with my initial colour scheme wish because it would've been a) too expensive and b) too expensive. Instead, we stuck with IKEA basics for the cabinets. However, we still wanted it to have SOME colour in it, we just couldn't decide what. So, eight months pregnant, standing tired in IKEA at 9pm I suggested we take an option they had on display and use their blue glass cabinet fronts and paint the walls a matching blue. Wow, did that decision make things easier.

But we still had new floor laid, had an electrician in to run new wiring around the room and had to work out the nitty gritty of what would fit where. And when Roxie came early and IKEA delivered late, we wound up spending a fortnight cooking in our hallway.

We called that Fun Times With Newborns or How I Learned to Stop Nesting And Start Wishing This Shit Would Just Be Finished Already.

However now it's MOSTLY done. We've still got to build the table and bench, but the rest has now been in place for a month and still looking pretty. So here you go, some before and after videos complete with scintillating commentary:


Emily said...

that looks fantastic and like its got so much more room. love the curved bench... is the stairwell actually still there? does it go anywhere???

Dr. J said...

It IS so much roomier - I never would have believed how big it could feel. The stairwell is still there - it goes up to the top floor, to the back entrances of all the front building apartments. Traditionally (this building was built ~1925) the servants weren't allowed to use the main entrance doors to the building, but had to enter through a separate, smaller door that went through the cellars and came out in the back courtyard. They then had to enter through the back doors into the apartments. You only have these entrances to the the flats in the front house (and not the back or side houses built around the same central courtyard) because that's where the richest lived.

Anonymous said...

The new kitchen - smashing!


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